ABC Intervention | Families in ABC
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Families in ABC

Interested in the ABC program?

Any parent, primary caregiver, or legal guardian who has a child or children between the ages of 6 months and 48 months can participate in ABC.

“Your program is amazing and I have told others about it and how much it helped. Thank you for everything!” – Sara, mother of 3

What is involved in ABC?

Ten 1-hour weekly sessions in your home with structured topics to assist you and your children.

You are offered positive feedback during sessions using video clip review and commenting on live interactions.

The program ends with a celebration and a special video gift of you and your children.

Where is ABC offered?

Locations in the United States

International Locations

Find an ABC parent coach in your state


Parent coaches who have completed a year of supervision with the University of Delaware and passed recent fidelity and adherence measures are certified for two years.

ABC for Infants (6 to 24 months)



Elizabeth Allen –

Ben Barnes –

Briana Haut –*

Abigail Hansen –

Julie Hoye –



Jill Beatty –

Tiffany Freitas –*

Ari-Anne Fuchtman –

Erin Henderson –

Allison Lipscomb –

Traci Muramoto –



Erin Ault –

Kristen Boyer –

Kris Logan –



Michele Beaman –

Andrea Boatman –*

Michelle Dannels –

Monique Holmes –

Bekki Parsons –*

Christine Schindler –

Brenda Wilkins –*



Shari Kidwell –



Letia Bailey –

Angela Breidenstine –

Julie Larrieu –

Hien Le Sanchez –

Melissa Middleton –

Devi Murphy –



Elena Aguilar –

Stefania Bianco –

Angela Brewer –

Cindy Cruz –

Christina Benson –



Lindsey Biggs –

Samantha Cecil –



Janet Amundson –

Pat Cortese –

Teya Dahle –

Kate Dando –

Keran Flynn –

Krystle Haugen –

Mary Hendrickson –
Kamyala Howard –

Claire Hysell –

Stacia Jacobson-Gray –

Molly Jones –

Jesse Kuendig –*

Stefanie Kuhnmuench –

Casey Ladd –

Kristin Moen –

Laurie Nelson –

Courtney Regnier –

Robyn Schumacher –

Christina Smestad –

Laura Smith –

Hannah Waterman –

Catherine Wright –


New York:

Sade Barnes –

Jasmine Bernier –

Logan Brennan –

Katerina Castano –

Lwiza Castillo –

Hannah Choi –*

Rashida Clarke –

Yarizell Contreras –

Shelby Cover –

Emely Diaz –

Lindsay DiMichael –

Jazmine Dowtin –

Pascale Gay –

Alyssa Heavens –

Lenixia Joseph-El –

Revere Joyce –

Andrea Minor –

Farah Mohammad –

Titilope Oladele –

Rosomond Osborne –

Margarita Prensa –*

Edrei Rodriguez –

Ana Smith –

Jill Smokoski –

Markita Walcott –

Jonice Ward –


North Carolina:

Laura Ankrah –

Beth Bowen –

Mebane Boyd –

Marcia Brown –

Jennifer Byrd –*

Latasha Canady –

Cheri Coleman –

Alissa Ellstrom –

Allison Elliot –

Karin Erickson –

Rachel Galanter –*

Michelle Gentry –

Claudine Gerber –

Alexa Hamel –

Julie Hansford –

Tyshea Harris –*

Evette Horton –

Joy Herrera –

Anne Isaac –

Robin Johnson –

Shannon Johnson –*

Lakisha M. Lanier –

Geneva Lopez –

Kelly Marler –

Sherry Newsome McKinney –

Mary McGinty –

Kristin Meola –

Colleen Meyer –

Kate Murray –

Laura Muse –

Anne Louise O’Brien –

Leah Parrish –

Marella Phillips –*

Rose Porter –*

Christine Rafter –

Lea Ray –

Nora Roehm –

Aisha Shepherd –

Charlene Spicer –

Kathryn Steeber –

Lauren Thomason –

Terrell Williams –

Syreeta Williamson –*

Shannon ​Winsjansen –

Claretta Witherspoon –

Heather Zanzig –



Jennifer Ortiz –

TyShauna Washington –

Lauren Woods –



Amy Huffer –

Glade Topham –

Ana Beets –

Ruth Slocum –



Hanadi Ali –

Kim Prendergast –



International location:


Ina Bovenschen –*

ABC for Toddlers (24 to 48 months)



Elizabeth Allen –

Julie Hoye –


Allison Lipscomb –

New York:

Logan Brennan –

Rashida Clarke –

Jazmine Dowtin –

Alyssa Heavens –

Titilope Oladele –

Rosomond Osborne –

Margarita Prensa –

Ana Smith –

Jill Smokoski –

Jonice Ward –


TyShauna Washington –



Amy Huffer –

Glade Topham –

* = awaiting videos for recertification

Example Organizations with ABC


Power of Two is a non-profit organization that is scaling ABC in New York City, to give children a foundation for success in school and life by fostering a strong and healthy attachment between parent and child.



The Center for Child and Family Health (CCFH) is a non-profit organization that strives to define, practice, and dissemination the highest standards of care in the field of prevention and treatment of childhood trauma.



Forestdale is a child welfare agency headquartered in Queens, with a mission to ensure that all children in the borough have the fundamental assets they need to thrive: a safe and loving home, education and career opportunity, and health literacy.



United Methodist Health Ministry Fund advances health, healing, and wholeness throughout Kansas. As part of their initiative to improve early childhood social/emotional health, UMHMF has forged partnerships with other Kansas foundations and early childhood organizations to implement ABC across 35 counties and is advocating for evidence-based early interventions through their NeuroNurture campaign.