ABC Intervention | Briana Haut
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Briana Haut, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, adjunct professor, and Director of Clinical Supervision at the University of Delaware’s Attachment & Biobehavioral Catch-up Lab. She was first trained as an ABC parent coach in 2013, and more recently joined the mABC research team as a parent coach and researcher. She now provides clinical and In-The-Moment commenting supervision to ABC parent coaches and supports the dissemination team.  Dr. Haut received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology with a specialty in children and families and completed her clinical internship training at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health in Pennsylvania. Since then, Dr. Haut has worked as a clinician and researcher on a number of grant-funded projects aimed at developing and implementing evidence-based mental health programs into local communities. Dr. Haut is interested in dissemination and implementation research and early intervention, and passionate about improving access to evidence-based mental health services in underserved communities.