ABC Intervention | Full Sessions: Case 1
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Full Sessions: Case 1

Full Sessions: Case 1

The mother who is generously sharing her video for parent coach training made enormous progress through her 10 weeks of ABC, all while living through multiple severe stressors. There are times in the videos where she shared opinions and used words that could be upsetting to hear, and which, as an ABC team, we do not condone. ABC supervision is a great place to discuss options for parent coach responses to these scenarios. We mark those times below so that you may avoid them if you wish. We still feel that these videos are a valuable tool for learning ABC, due to the perseverance and hard work of this mother, and her openness to feedback and change.


Note:  If the full-session videos do not play on Internet Explorer, please use a different browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Safari) to access these videos. 

Case 1: Session 1 - The mother sometimes expresses frustration about her children in ways that could be upsetting to hear. (*Note: Both the mother and three-year-old child curse throughout the ten sessions.)

Case 1: Session 2 - The mother sometimes expresses frustration about her children in ways that could be upsetting to hear.

Case 1: Session 3

Case 1: Session 4 - During minutes 11:37 through 12:25, the mother was discussing an episode of child distress and how she responded. During this discussion, she wonders if her daughter's distress was due to her visiting friend's race. The parent coach reflects that children can get upset suddenly for lots of reasons, and asks Mom what she did and what she can do to comfort her child when she is upset.

Case 1: Session 5 - At minute 12:41, the mother describes how her oldest child has a negative relationship with her father, because the father calls the child Black and the N-word. We have muted the N-word from the video. There is some child cursing in session as well.

Case 1: Session 6

Case 1: Session 7

Case 1: Session 8

Case 1: Session 9

Case 1: Session 10 - There is reference to the child using offensive language in session. At minute 1:35 the mother describes a time that she was upset that her son used an offensive word for someone with an intellectual disability.