ABC Intervention | Training as an ABC Parent Coach
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Training as an ABC Parent Coach

How do I get trained in ABC?

Thank you so much for your interest in ABC! We are currently disseminating ABC at both national and international sites. We value implementation with fidelity, and require intensive training and supervision of our trainees for a full year. If you are interested and the training model appears to be a good fit for your organization or agency, please contact us.

Selection of Parent Coaches

We use an evidence-based half-hour screening process to predict which individuals are likely to have success training in ABC. We can do this screening remotely through video conferencing with potential coaches.


Initial Training

Initial training in ABC-Infant takes place in-person and lasts for 2 days. Training for smaller groups is held bi-annually at the University of Delaware. Trainers will travel to the training site for larger groups. Training includes theoretical and practical orientation to the intervention, practice with “In the Moment” commenting and coding, review of session content, consultation concerning site-specific implementation, and planning for the supervision year.


Supervision is conducted via video conferencing using a HIPAA-compliant software, Zoom. Trainees have 2 supervision meetings per week: General Clinical Supervision (1 hour) and In the Moment Commenting Supervision (30 min). The time commitment for session preparation, visit, and supervision is 4 hours per case each week.


In addition to our supervisors at the University of Delaware, we currently have a group of Clinical and ITM Supervisors at other sites:

Catherine Wright (MN) –

Cheri Coleman (NC) –

Claudine Gerber (NC) –

Kate Murray (NC) –

Karen Appleyard Carmody (NC) –

Glade Topham (KS) –

Janet Amundson (MN) –

Claire Hysell (MN) –

Molly Jones (MN) –

Hannah Waterman (MN) –

     Titilope Oladele (NY) –

     Teya Dahle (MN) –

     Laura Smith (MN) –

     JoAnna Van Otterloo (MN) –

     Kristin Moen (MN) –

     Allison Dash (NY) –

     Krystle Haugen (MN) –

     Shristi Tiwari (NC) –

     Georgette Saad (DC) –

     Anna Amilon (Sweden) –

     Sally Watson (Australia) –

     Markita Walcott (NY) –

     Pamela Alcantara (NY) –

     Jakurah Santos (NY) –

     Mary Ellen Warren (SC) –

     Jennifer Mitchell (UT) –

     Kimberli Berrett (UT) –

     Samantha Smith (UT) –

     Theresa Spear (MN) –

     Jessie Leschak (MN) –



The in-person training and year of supervision costs $7,000 per trainee and reimbursement of travel costs. There is additional cost for equipment. Coaches need to bring laptops and cameras to each visit. Coaches will be creating video clips to play back to parents so will also need video editing software.


ABC for Toddlers

After being certified in ABC-Infant for infants between 6 and 24 months of age, parent coaches are eligible to learn the toddler intervention for toddlers between 24 and 48 months. There is an additional cost that includes another training and additional supervision time.


Interested? Questions?

Please e-mail the ABC team at